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Training Simulator
The Experience:

One purpose of training simulators is to mimic the real world as accurately as possible. Airline Pilots and Fighter Pilots both want the transition from virtual to reality to be seamless. Tank operators feel the tread crunching the ground.

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

Clark Synthesis Transducers play a vital role in that process. In the simulator, Clark Transducers deliver the same tactile experience as the real item.

Helping Those Who Save the Universe

Helping people working on the bleeding edge of new technology is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at Clark Synthesis. Their companies develop theme park rides, training simulators, VR [...]

By |September 28th, 2020|

I/ITSEC Orlando 2019 – Training Simulator

Just returned from the I/ITSEC show in Orlando. This show features the best manufacturers of military training simulators. The number of training simulators on display is overwhelming. After a while, you [...]

By |February 27th, 2020|
Are TSTs used in wellness products?2020-08-11T15:50:51-06:00

Yes! Clark Synthesis TSTs are used in therapy chairs, therapy beds, massage tables, etc. If you do a Google search for Vibroacoustic, you will find many products that contain Clark Synthesis TSTs.

What are Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs)?2020-08-11T15:50:28-06:00

Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs) transform pure audio as electrical energy into pure audio as vibrational energy. TSTs are much more than shakers. Shakers only make things shake. TSTs faithfully reproduce audio signals bringing new levels of realism and enjoyment to VR spaces, Home Theaters, Simulators, Movie Theaters, etc.

Why are TSTs used in military and commercial training simulators?2020-08-11T14:31:21-06:00

Military and commercial training simulators provide the most realistic training environments possible. Clark TST’s Audio Accurate™ faithfully reproduce the vibrations experienced in the cockpits of fighter an commercial jets, helicopters, tanks, etc. No other product even comes close.

What is Tactile Sound?2020-08-11T14:27:50-06:00

Tactile Sound is pure audio that is felt through touch and is heard through bone conduction.

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